The Huber Family Travelogue

Gatlinburg, TN
Apr 2024
TBD VaCa with Tom and Lisa.

Gulfport, MS
Mar 2024

Bandera, TX
Jan 2024
TBD VaCa with Mark.

Escondido, CA
Dec 2023
TBD VaCa with the kids.

Wall, Custer, Spearfish SD
Sep 2023
Minuiteman Missle Museum, Wall Drug, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Priarie Dogs, Wild Burros, Needles Pass, Sylvan Lake, Crazy Horse, Mastadon fossil, Deadwood, Brothel, Wild Bill Hickok and Calimity Janes's graves, Sundance Kid, Black Hills, Devil's Tower, Geographic Center of the US!, Spearfish Canon, Roughlock Falls and Sturgis!.

Aug 2023
Anna's Wedding, Fallingwater

Collingwood, ON, Canada
May 2023
Cheap visit to our northern neighbor. A bit chilly tho!

Cary, NC
April 2023
Dave, Victor...and a lot of eating.

Hilton Head, SC
Feb 2023
Tom and Lisa, biking, beaches and great weather!

Palm Desert, CA
Jan 2023
With Mark and Lori. Joshua Tree National Park, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center, rusty dinosaurs, citrus trees and Luchador Brewing Company!

Dubois, PA
Oct 2022
Punxsutawney, covered bridges, Bilger's Rocks and Straub Brewery!

Ellsworth, ME
Aug 2022
Beautiful weather, Tesla driving, high tides/low tides, easternmost point in the US! Good trip!

Park City, UT
May 2022
Olympic park, Tabernacle Square, State Capitol, Pioneer Historical Museum, Natural History Museum and the Huber homestead!

Ramona, CA
Apr 2022
Rita and Babe, San Diego tour, Jamul, Julian, Ramon murals...

South Bend, IN
Apr 2022
Not again! Studebaker Museum, Oliver Mansion...

Austin, TX
Jan, 2022
With Mark. BBQ, beer, State Capitol, deer and Bucky's!

Livonia, MI
Feb 2020 - Dec 2021
Kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom...lather, rinse, repeat.

Houston, TX
Jan, 2020
With Mark and Justin. Houston Space Center, St. Arnold Brewery, wolf rescue and awesome BBQ!

Las Vegas, NV
Oct 2019
Cathy and Lori.

Sedona, AZ
Sep 2019
Return trip! Painted rocks, petrified forest, metor crator...and I finally got to stand on a corner in Winslow AZ!!

Branson, MO
Jun 2019
With the kids. Table Rock Lake boating day!

Kissimmee, FL
Jan-Feb 2019
With Mark. St. Augustine Distillery, Dead Lizard Brewing and Orange World!

Las Vegas, NV
Oct 2018
Cathy and Lori.

Williamsburg, VA
Jun-Jul 2018
With the kids!

Kitty Hawk, NC
Apr-May 2018
Lighthouse tour, duck donuts and got to visit with Dave!

Orlando, FL
Jan 2018
Trip with Mark.

South Bend, IN
Nov 2017
Visit with Vicki.

Sedona, AZ
Oct 2017
Retirement celebration!

NH and Boston
Jul 2017
Visit with Shannon and Matt.

Seattle, WA
Aug 2016
With the Arolds. Mount Baker, whale watching, Vancouver.

Napa Valley, CA
Jul 2015
Vinyards, San Fran, Muir Woods and Charlie Brown!

Traverse City, MI
Jun 2015
McCullough family outing. Beer City USA!

Birmingham England, Amsterdam, Canaries
Jun 2014
Charming locals, red light district and island adventures. What could be better?

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2014
Big truck. Journey after. Finally warm, went swimming a lot!

Myrtle Beach, SC
Jun 2013
Meh. OK if you're feeling touristy.

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2013
Tried to use the time share and got snowed out.

Lake Tahoe, CA
Jun 2012
LOVE IT!! The area is just great!

Grand Rapids, MI
May 2012
The wife kidnapped me for this sneaky birthday trip. Founders! HopCat!

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2012
In-law visit again. The "flower" trip.

South Bend, IN
Jul 2011
25th wedding anniversary trip...just the two of us.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jun 2011
Just us four. Really enjoyed the area.

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2011
More in-laws. Toured a minuteman missile site (decommissioned).

Santa Fe, NM
Jun 2010
Took some Arolds with us. Always wanted to go to New Mexico...and I wasn't disappointed.

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2010
Cathy and Barb on another AZ trip.

Phoenix, AZ
Jul 2009
Chris and Anna tagged along. (Caffy-Bo-Baffy!)

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2009
Cathy and Mark AZ trip.

Pinehurst, NC
Jul 2008
Visit with Dave and Gail...pine trees, zoo, pottery...and what else?...BEER!

Las Vegas, NV
Jul 2007
Back to Vegas but near the strip this time.
Jun 2007
Quick, cheap trip. I had no idea what an awesome city this is!

Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2007
Hubie business trip. Great people, beautiful country.
Jun 2006
The best part was visiting family!

Green Valley, AZ
Feb 2006
Cathy and Barb on this trip??
Jun 2005
Bummed around the mountains for a week in a dead sking town.
Feb 2005
Visited the trip!
Jul 2004
Wow. I Too much to see.
Jul 2003
Nice resort, beautiful beach. Nothing else to do. Very poor island folks.
Jun 2002
Another fun, mint, voodoo...lots of drunken people.

Palm Dessert, CA
Jul 2001
Beautiful! You wouldn't think so in the dessert. Resort was awsome.

Branson, MO
Aug 2000
Busy, busy...very touristy...and scenic.

San Antonio, TX
Jul 1999
Hot! Humid! Still...beautiful on the river walk.

Kissimmee, FL
Jun 1998
$$$ Mickey Mouse took all of my money!

Green Valley, AZ
Dec 1997
Visited the in-laws. Another cheap trip. I love that state.

Barrie, ON, Canada
Jun 1997
Don't remember much about this one.

Williamsburg, VA
Aug 1996
Pretty there...lots of colonial things to do.

Gatlinburg, TN
Jun 1995
I think Dave and Gail visited us on this one. Can't remember much else.

Not sure what happened here. I think the in-laws used our week this year.

French Lick, IN
Jun 1993
Ho hum. Nice to get away from it all. At least it had the Huber Family Farm!

Cary, NC
May 1993
Visit to Dave and Gail...went to the beach, drank beer, visited a carnival.

McHenry, MD
Sep 1992
This one was a bit boring. Fed ducks...and ???

Green Valley, AZ
Dec 1991
Yet another cheap trip to see the in-laws. Arizona is cool.

Huntsville, ON, Canada
Jun 1991
This may have been a promotional 4 day get away. Had to endure a sales pitch.

Banner Elk, NC
Aug 1915%
Dave and Gail again...nice resort and area.

Cape Cod, MD
Aug 1989
First trip with baby Heather. Great area but those folks there have to unclench!

Lyon, France
Sep 1989
2 week business trip (Hubie only). Visited the alps.

Puerto Rico
Jun 1988
Not much to do on this island. Gambling, rain forest, beach...

Yucatan, Mexico
Apr 1988
Took Cathy's foreign language club on a tour of the Yucatan, Nice trip. (No tocar!)

Toronto, ON, Canada
Dec-Jan 1987-1988
Holiday trip to a wonderful city...2 kids in love in the bitter cold.

Washington D.C.
Dec-Jan 1986-1987
Visited cousins much to see...very historic (for Americans anyway).
Jul 1987
Our big trip. Friends, family, beer, beautiful countries, beer, friendly people, beer...

Cancun, Mexico
Jul 1986
Honeymoon! Very nice area to visit. Lots to do. Got sick eating too much lobster.