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Father's Day Hot Sauce Challenge

Garden Walk 2020 (Pandemic Edition)

Wedding Dance

Blue Moon

Glory of Love


Love is Blue

The Shack

Smoking Lesson

Split Pea Soup

2019 Disco Darts

GLI - No One is Alone

GLI - Send in the Clowns

2018 Huber Olympics

How mush IS that doggie?

Macedonian Folk Song

Fantasia in G

Justin's House

Lida Rose

Debbie's 60's Party

Pooh on Mt. Baker

Dog Walk

Children's March

Hiawatha Redux 2

Not me! No, I don't think so!

Jack Wants to Eat

Just Jammin'

Back to Ypsilanti

Route 66

Lady in Spain

Nocturne in G Minor


Zirk Kringle

Breast Kringle

Helium Happy Birthday

EMU Carolers - Silent Night

EMU Carolers - Deck the Halls

NC Xmas Book

Xmas Book Blooper Reel

Kringle Carolers

Destructive Carolers

Tired Carolers

EMU Carolers - Winter Wonderland


Tail of Skaminski

Be Po Po

Po Po Too

Mentos Fountain

'Gloria' from Nelson Mass

Bassoon Solo


More Barbershop!

The Lumberjack Song


Inactive Symphony

Snow Attack

"The Burp"



Thanksgiving Parade

HMS Pinafore

Monsieur Hubie

Nancy's Awards

Scary Santa

Raspberry Sleddin'

Fred the Bear

Not Now Dada!

Santa Bob

Slow Birthday

A whole new line of clothes!

Grandma Torture

10 lbs. of Moon Bounce

Am I blue?

Justin's Xmas Solo

My dog will actually fetch!

Barbershop Quartet

LCCB - Can-Can

LCCB - Thunderer

LCCB - Whistling

Sneaky Xmas 2005

It super-dee-duper works!


Baby Eukie

Baby Cosmo

Singing Cosmo